Why Be a Veterinarian?

By Dr. Beth Scheenstra, DVM

As a veterinarian, you typically do your a fair share of helping with local school projects. Either it’s letters from children or visits to classrooms or fair participation.  Lots of children want to become veterinarians, so it seems only fair to explain why and how I became a veterinarian.  

I am what people in the industry call a “lifer”.  I knew what I wanted to be from the time I could think, maybe from the womb. Basically I knew all my life I was going to be a veterinarian. Some people might say it is a calling (a strong urge to follow a career often accompanied by a divine devotion). I only know that from a very small child I wanted to be with animals as much as possible. I had the typical childhood thoughts of being random things but, they never lasted more than a month.  Animals are drawn to me, and I am drawn to them.  I am most at peace when I am looking into an animals eyes.